Xbox Comfort - 22


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FUT 21 Coins! 

This service loads your Xbox account with the desired amount of coins you want. Your order will be processed to a secured comfort trade system that will load the coins in to your account. It roughly takes around 30 minutes to transfer 1 million coins. You must make sure the correct FUT details are given, this is crucial as it could cause major delays. Make sure you are signed out of your Xbox Live account before you enter the details. Please be aware of lowercase and uppercase letters! Once completed, your details are deleted and you will be able to use your account as normal. We deliver coins safely, if you get banned we offer a refund.

Please do not log into your account. You will receive a fulfilment email once your ordered has been completely processed and that is when you can now log back into your account. PLEASE SEND ALL 6 BACKUP CODES!